Our Approach

People helping people, that’s what we do.

At Ice Inspections, we believe a home inspection should not just be a document collecting dust in some forgotten desk drawer.  A home inspection should be an informative interaction that takes place between the client and a certified leading industry professional. To show our appreciation, Nurses, Teachers, Military and First Responders always receive a 10% discount! Join us on our journey to excellence and see what we can do for you!

How We Do It

With nearly two decades in the construction industry, I decided to create Ice Inspections to put my expertise to better use.  During my five years as a construction manager on multi-million dollar projects, I learned the value of unbiased facts.

At Ice Inspections, this is our stake in trade.

  • If something is wrong, we have the experience, training, and expertise to identify it, document it, and make recommendations for you.
  • We also understand value; a home inspection should not be all negatives.
  • We are going to bring to light things about the property that have value as well.
About ICE Home Inspections

We Should Talk

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We can work with you to accommodate nearly any request.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Michael Ice

ICE Inspections Sample Report

Ice Inspections Sample Report

Ice Inspections delivers a high quality Inspection Report with all systems and elements inspected, accompanied by images, videos, and detailed descriptions of findings.

Please see this sample inspection report for a reference of the quality you can expect from the best Certified Home Inspector in Colorado Springs. You might see the value in how you can use this document as a guideline for prioritizing improvements that can or should be done.

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